Our experience, at the service of our clients

Santa Barbara Consultants (SBC) consists of a team of experts with vast experience in the mining, industrial, natural resources and productive sectors.

This extensive experience in the management, review and optimization of mining operations allows us to design and deliver comprehensive engagements that increase the safety, productivity and sustainability of mining projects and mines, with the goal of benefiting both the company and all its stakeholders.

Founded by Steve Botts, in 2011, Santa Barbara Consultants today develops technical and strategic solutions for the mining industry, whose implementation is therefore effective and impactful in the field.


Santa Barbara Consultants’ Values

Our values are embedded into each of the tailored engagements that we carry out.

Integrity: We are ethical, fair, honest, and open; we are our word

Innovation: We seek and promote innovative solutions and strategies

Drive: We approach all of our assignments with high-energy and a sense of urgency, working hand-in-hand with our clients to develop well thought-through and robust solutions

Excellence: We conduct ourselves and our business to the highest professional standards, providing impeccable advice and reporting, and ensuring that our client’s expectations are met and exceeded

Sustainability: We develop sustainable solutions that provide long-term business results based on safety, care for the environment, and stakeholder inclusion


Why Santa Barbara Consultants?

This picture shows a group of Italian miners with work overalls in the mine of Volmèrange-les-mines (France), next to Saint Barbara's statue (patron and protector of miners) during her celebrations. France, 1953.

Santa Barbara was a Christian Saint who is believed to have lived in the 3rd century, in what is now modern-day Turkey. She is considered the patron saint and protector of miners and tunnel builders, and in many countries small statues of her are placed at the entrance to protect the tunnel and those who work in it during construction. Her Saint’s day is celebrated on December 4th.