We Provide Environmentally Focused Mining Project Management and Consulting Services

    • Environmental auditing

      red-mining-hatWe have extensive experience in carrying out compliance and management system environmental and safety audits for a wide variety of mining projects and operations. By working closely with the project and operations teams during the auditing process, greater buy in can be achieved for addressing the audit findings, and developing the required action plans, and resolves any issues in a timely manner.

    • Environmental management plan development

      Santa Barbara Consultants has developed environmental management plans based on the ISO 14001 standards for both large and small projects and operations. A comprehensive environmental management plan can add considerable value to a project or operation by identifying all of the environmental aspects and impacts, how these impacts will be managed and mitigated, and the roles and responsibilities of all involved.  By developing the plan in a participatory manner, there is a greater acceptance of the final plan, resulting in better-managed operation or project.

    • Environmental and social baseline study scoping and supervision

      Our team has years of experience participating in and supervising in baseline studies internationally in some very challenging environments and jurisdictions. The scope of the studies require careful analysis to ensure that the studies will result in the collection of the necessary information required for decision making and project development.

Blueprints laid out

    • Environmental and social risk assessments

      Based on the environmental and social context of the project or operation, Santa Barbara Consultants can analyze the risks and develop action plans to reduce and mitigate such risks, in accordance with international best practices. These identified risks and action plans can then be incorporated into the associated environmental and social management plans.

    • Equator principle and IFC standards gap analysis and action planning

      The equator principles and associated IFC standards can represent a major challenge for development projects. By working closely with the project team, we can clearly spell out the requirements, and then conduct a gap analysis, and develop action plans to achieve compliance with these standards in a manner that adds value and reduces project risks.

    • Mining Project Due Diligence

      Our team has been involved in mining project due diligence assessments throughout the world. Through the due diligence process, Santa Barbara Consultants can provide valuable information to our clients regarding the environmental, social and technical aspects of the mining project in question, leading to better informed decisions and more cost-effective transactions.

    • Mining Project Management

      Based on our experience on a number of projects, Santa Barbara Consultants can help our clients to develop the appropriate strategies for successful project management for both small and large mining projects and operations.

    • Permitting planning and support

      Holding new growth in dirtWe help our clients to identify the applicable permitting requirements, and then to develop a schedule and detailed work plan to obtain the permits and authorizations in a timely manner, in accordance with the integrated schedule for the project. By combining the permitting strategy with the external relations strategy we can increase the chances of a smooth project permitting.

  • Sustainability policy and strategy development

    Santa Barbara Consultants can assist our clients to develop a sustainability policy and strategy that fits with the culture of the organization while addressing the specific project and operational needs.

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