We have decades of experience working in the mining industry across America.

Santa Barbara Consultants stands out for the high quality of its service, the solid track record of its team of experts and the constant use of innovation to provide our clients with cutting-edge advice, improve efficiency and achieve concrete business results.
Santa Barbara Consultants is made up of a seasoned team of mining professionals with experience working in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru and the United States.

Steve Botts | Founder of SBC

We are committed to developing sustainable and responsible solutions, which are the result of the cutting-edge advice we provide to our clients and the extensive experience of our consultants. Our goal is to collaborate with our clients so that they achieve their business objectives in a safe, sustainable and more efficient way.

Mine closure

The early and comprehensive planning of the Mine Closure by Santa Barbara Consultants guarantees significant savings for the company, a sustainable relationship with the community and reputational benefits.

Safety Culture

Santa Barbara Consultants' service in building a safety culture reduces accident rates and equipment damage, decreases operational time, increases production, improves efficiency in incident investigation time, and protects the company's reputation.

Due diligence

Santa Barbara Consultants trabaja para identificar información significativa que permite tomar las mejores decisiones de inversión para lo cual cuenta con la experiencia necesaria en el sector y el mercado de las Américas

Successful projects and operations require integrated environmental, health, safety, and stakeholder engagement strategies.


What is your Company’s Safety Culture?

The importance of Safety Culture to an organization’s safety performance cannot be overemphasized. Mark Thompson, Santa Barbara Consultants Senior Safety Advisor, shares his views on this often overlooked…

We provide innovative strategic advisory services and project or operations management, specifically designed for the needs of our mining clients.